The key in the hands 2015 Photo: Sunhi Mang
Return Memorial Exhibition, Japan Pavilion of 56th Venice Biennale | Chiharu Shiota “THE LOCKED ROOM” | Date: September.14 (Wed) - October.10 (Mon), 2016 (During the exhibition days a week) | Venue: KANAGAWA ARTS THEATRE (280 Yamashitacho Naka-ku, Tokyo, Japan) | Open: 10:00 – 18:00 (Last admission 30 minutes before closing) | Admission (tax included): Adult: 900 yen College students and Over 65 years old: 500 yen | Organized by: Kanagawa Arts Theatre | Granted by: Japan Arts Council | With the Cooperation of: Siseido.co,.Ltd | With the Sponsorship of: The Japan Foundation, KENJI TAKI GALLERY

Chiharu Shiota 《The Locked Room》official trailer

September.14 (Wed) — October.10 (Mon), 2016
* During the exhibition days a week

Open: 10:00 – 18:00
(Last admission 30 minutes before closing)

Admission: Adult: 900 yen College students and Over 65 years old: 500 yen
* tax included

Chiharu Shiota create very large artworks. It is installation stretching thread around exhibition space, and using material, dress, bed, shoes and traveling bag enclosed memory and trace by the people in everyday life. Shiota configures various material in artwork by original technique, Completed exhibits penetrate our heart and body silently having excellent beauty, not lost freshness and forcefulness. Therefore, her works give excitement around the world viewer beyond difference of language, cultural and historical background, politics, social situation, and introduced over 200 exhibitions in Japan, Western, Middle East, Oceania, and Asian countries so far.

Venice biennale have worldwide evaluation and about history of 120 years. In 2015, Shiota exhibited the Japanese pavilion as Japanese representative artist in 56th biennale, “The key in the Hands” obtain high evaluation by viewer, critic, and media from countries reconstruction and display new artwork as return memorial exhibition in Kanagawa Arts Theatre. Even this exhibition, titled “The Locked Room” using a large amount red thread and used keys provided by around the world people and 5 old doors newly in the biennale produce and showcase. These artwork have peculiar freshness and forcefulness by Shiota will shake your heart so much.

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“The Key in the Hand” 2015 [International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale, Japan Pavilion, Italy] Photo: Sunhi Mang
“The Key in the Hand” 2015 [International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale, Japan Pavilion, Italy] Photo: Sunhi Mang

Chiharu Shiota

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1972. Lives in Berlin. Confronting fundamental human concerns like life and death, Shiota explores questions such as “What does it mean to be alive?” and “What is existence?” in large-scale installations that make use of a variety of media including sculptural elements, photography, and video. In 2007, she was awarded the Ministry of Education in the Art Encouragement Prize for her solo exhibition From in Silence, held at Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery in Yokohama, Japan. In 2015, she represented Japan Pavilion with the installation The Key in the Hand at 56th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy. Shiota’s museum exhibitions in Japan include Museum of Art, Kochi (2013), Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (2012) and the National Museum of Art, Osaka (2008), among others.

Chiharu Shiota Exhibition × Dance and Music 4 Program

“The Locked Room” Chiharu Shiota exhibition, try to expand experimental action with space art (fine arts) and time art (performing arts). Produced by Akira Shirai as artistic director of Kanagawa Arts Theatre and Toshi Ichiyanagi as artistic general director of Kanagawa arts Foundation, hold dance and music performance on stage of Shiota’s artworks. In Dance Program, 2 appearance and choreography planning by Shintaro Hirahara and Yukina Sakai as up-and-coming dancer and choreographer. In Music Program, performance of selected musician “Mama!milk” by Shirai. And, as special program to culminate, hold produced performance of eclectic musician by Ichiyanagi themselves for this planning. Please except occurring chemical reaction to cross dance, performance, and exhibit space 3,000 rolls of red thread.


Illumination: Akiyo Kushida (Dance Performance), Shinichiro Oishi (Music Performance)
Acoustic: Minoru Motomura, Yoriko Abe
Ringmaster: Junichi Takahashi
Production Manager: Mahito Horiuchi
Producer: Tomoko Konuma
Executive Producer: Atsuhiko Sakiyama
Cooperation: Executive Committee of Yokohama JAZZ PROMENADE (10/8,10/9)
Organized, Planning Produced by: Kanagawa Arts Theatre
Activation Business of Theater and Concert Hall, Fiscal 2016 by Agency for Cultural Affair Activation Business of Theater and Concert Hall, Fiscal 2016 by Agency for Cultural Affair

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“I’m here, still or yet.” By Yukina Sakai

“NOZOKI / know the key” by Shintaro Hirahara

“Suite by Two Contrabass, Old Door, Accordion, and Myriad Keys.”

“Music with and without the key” by Toshi Ichiyanagi

Other Side 2013 Photo: Alison Bettles

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